Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Lowongan Kerja Askes Persero

PT Askes Persero is a State Owned Company which specifically commissioned by the government to hold health care benefits for civil servants, civil servants pension recipients and army / police, Veteran, Independence Pioneers and their families and other business entities.

Being a specialist center of excellence and Health Insurance in Indonesia


  • Assure health care benefits to participants (Indonesian people) through a system of effective and efficient management
  • optimize the management of funds and the development of systems to provide excellent service on an ongoing basis to participants
  • develop employees to achieve optimal performance and be one of the company's main competitive advantage.
  • establish close coordination and partnership with all stakeholders to jointly create a quality health care

Lowongan Kerja Askes Persero

Recruitment Askes Persero 2012
SMK - Diploma Graduated

Information Technology Staff (Code: IT)
Accounting / Finance Staff (Code MMR)
Arsip Staff (Code ARS)
Administration Staff (Code ADM)
Secretary Staff (Code SKR)
Graphic Design Staff (Code DSG)
Receptionist Staff (Code RES)
Engineer Staff (Code TEK)

General Requirements:
  • Male Female age maximum 25 years, specialized staff secretary to max 23 years
  • Cumulative grade point (GPA) of at least 2.75 to 3.00 for the graduates of state universities and private university graduates except STM / SMK average NEM 6
  • Single Status
  • Able to operate Computer (MS.Word, MS Excel, Powerpoint)
  • Look attractive, and proportionate
  • Willing to not get married for 1 year
Supported Application Files are as follows:
  • Application letter
  • Curicullum Vitae
  • Diploma photocopy and transcript that has been legalized
  • Photocopy of identity cards (KTP)
Applications can be submitted to the Group Organization and Human Resources PT Askes Persero with the address Jl. Jend Suprapto Po Box 1391/JKT Jakarta Pusat 10510 not later than March 27, 2012.